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Education, Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Peer Effects, Diversity, and College Roommates in the United States

Dan Levy, Michael Kremer , Johanne Boisjoly, Greg Duncan, Jacque Eccles

Researchers in the United States assessed the impact on college students of having a roommate from a different. White students assigned to a black roommate were more likely to endorse affirmative action policies than those assigned to a white roommate. Other factors, such as having roommates from high-income or low-income backgrounds, also influenced students' behavior and attitudes towards...

Political Economy & Governance, Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Police Performance and Public Perception in Rajasthan, India

Better training and longer job postings improved police performance and public perceptions of the police force.

Military officers in Argentina

Labor Markets, Political Economy & Governance, Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Gender

Military Conscription and Crime in Argentina

Researchers evaluated the effect of Argentina’s lottery-based conscription on draftees’ criminal activity. They found that conscription increased crime rates among draft-eligible Argentinians, especially those serving longer or during times of war.

Crime, Violence, & Conflict

Slum Housing Upgrading in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay

Paul Gertler, Sebastian Galiani , Ryan Cooper, Raimundo Undurraga, Adam Ross, Sebastian Martinez

Researchers measured the impact of improving the quality of slum housing on household wellbeing in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay. Slum upgrading was found to significantly improve satisfaction with quality of life. In two countries positive and significant effects are detected in child health.

Man puts large loaf of bread into outdoor wood fired brick oven

Health, Labor Markets, Crime, Violence, & Conflict, Gender

Impact of Vocational Training on the Employability, Earning Potential, and Sexual Behavior of Youth in Malawi

Mushfiq Mobarak , Yoonyoung Cho, Davie Kalomba, Victor Orozco

To address employability and promote self-employment, the Government of Malawi launched a vocational training program for vulnerable youth. Working with the government, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation of the program’s effect on skill development, economic outcomes, and measures of well-being. While the results indicate that the training generally led to increased skills development...